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Leading Edge Solutions has been providing cutting edge business and software solutions to a variety of clients since 2002.

These solutions have been based on automating existing processes where they were manual, eliminating non-value adding steps and improving on existing automated processes by introducing latest technologies. The result? Optimisation of Supply Chain processes, stricter financial controls and increased productivity. 

Most importantly, our clients have experienced tremendous benefits using our solutions. Some of these solutions have been developed by LES, especially where unique South African processes cannot be canned in ‘off the shelf’ products.

Looking at productivity improvements of manufacturing organisations, we have employed the use of a world-class international solution – Shoplogix.

This approach allows us to provide our customer base with a solution geared towards the future, especially in light of the new requirements stemming from the Industry 4.0, IIoT and ‘smart factory’ concepts.

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We live in an era where information is available at anyone’s fingertip. However, if not managed properly, this can lead to information overload and therefore clouding decision-making processes. It is imperative that correct information is provided in the right context, as fast and easy as possible. IoT and more specifically IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) will become more and more crucial in delivering the correct information at the correct time to the stakeholders in any organisation.

Leading Edge Solutions has been working with IIoT solutions for many years, delivering value to our customers. Where standard solutions may not always provide the right results, we will develop solutions based on our clients’ specific requirements. You need it, we develop it!

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