LES RFC Light up that Nightmare of Paperwork LES RFC (Request For Credit Notes) is proudly developed by Leading Edge Solutions to provide fast credit note processing to your customers. LES RFC will light up that nightmare of paperwork communing these credit notes.

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Customer Self Service




Full Auditable Process


Automated Escalation

LES RFC - Request for Credit Notes

Leading Edge Solutions has been delivering cutting edge business and software solutions to a variety of clients since 2002. We proudly introduce the LES RFC developed by Leading Edge Solutions.

LES RFC provides a convenient and easy way for your customers to create a request for credit notes and to track the status of the request. Our clients have experienced tremendous benefits using our solutions.



Customer Self Service

Customers create their own request for credit notes and track status thereof.

Automated Workflow

Requests are automatically routed to the correct departments.

Automated Escalation

Automated escalation when agreed times have been breached.

Reduced Cost

Whilst internal controls are improved costs are reduced.

Quick Resolution

Customer requests are resolved quickly and effectively.

Audit Trails

Enhanced audit trails with electronic storage of relevant documentation.

Fast credit note resolution!


LES RFC (Request for Credit Notes) allows your client to create their own request for credit notes and track the progress with real-time system feedback. Relevant documents are stored electronically, documents are always easily accessible and will never be lost again. LES RFC provides a full auditable process with automatic routing to the correct departments, ensure quick decision making. Not only do you have a clear view of the expected value of credit notes, you will also have a good view on the reasons for these credit notes. Your quality departments is able to analyse market related quality issues. Your customer will be kept informed every step of the way via automated email communication.

Eliminate Stacks of Paperwork

Progress Tracking

Automated Communication

Documents Stored Electronically

Light up the nightmare of paperwork with LES RFC!