Customer satisfaction relies on an excellent order fulfillment experience. The ability to capture and fulfill orders quickly and accurately continues to be a core competency for organisations.

The capability to speedily capture orders with reliability and accuracy remains a core requirement of an organisation’s business capability. Precision in order entry is vital to success all along the supply chain. HiVolume addresses this core requirement of speed, accuracy and simplicity.

Product Description

HiVolume is a robust and proven platform for high volume order fulfillment. Starting from order capture, it allows users to rapidly execute the picking, confirmation and billing process in offline and online modes. It also supports operational continuity that is especially relevent in site sharing an i-series platform or in areas with a poor telecommunications infrastructure where downtime an affect the business.

An original design objective for HiVolume, operational continuity continues to be its key strength (the initial design scope addressed an order entry requirement to capture over 100,000 order lines in a five hour window, with over 15,000 sale items offered). Going beyond order capture and fulfillment, HiVolume also contains functionality supporting TeleSales operations, Transport Load Building and Vehicle/Route Reconciliation.



    Users achieve significant speed improvement over HiVolume using server / PC Client technology. By making buying pattern information available, users can ensure that customers have not missed items on their orders, and comprehensive checking means that error-free orders are sent. This has led to significant improvements in productivity in order capture clerks.


    HiVolume makes full use of the Microsoft windows platform. A simple and intuitive user interface with meaningful prompts, messages and look-ups means that the product requires minimal training and users become productive quickly.


    Order fulfillment process, mission critical and revenue generating business processes, can continue in a controlled manner, even when the i-series becomes unavailable due to communication or hardware failures. Data synchronization resumes automatically when the i-series comes back online.


    A thorough understanding of the business process surrounding HiVolume order fulfillment has led to a feature set that minimises data re-entry and allows the user to manage by exception. The result is a reduction in keystrokes with no compromise in transactional accuracy.


    HiVolume order fulfillment processes are CPU intensive. HiVolume can improve processing performance on the i-series by offloading the interactive validation tasks, and by managing the data synchronisation using background jobs.


    All order processing occurs on the PC servers which remain accessible even when the i-series needs maintenance.


    The ease of use, speed and accuracy of the product improves the productivity of staff resources on order taking, while service levels to customers retained at a high level.


    Installation and training is rapid, and there is minimal impact on the existing HiVolume configuration.


    The integration engine is field proven. At numerous client sites, this engine has rapidly been posting over 100,000 a day, every day for over four years.

HiVolume Solution Set

The HiVolume solution set consists of a series of products delivering increased productivity in the order fulfillment operation. At the core is the HiVolume server that can reliably transact data frame the Microsoft windows based user interface and provides API’s to external order entry systems

Members of the solution set are:


    High volume order entry is designed for rapid order capture. Keystrokes and panel changes are minimised. The PC Server provides rapid responses, but not at the expense of i-series performance. Features such as order cards and standing orders allow for quick processing of standard orders. History checks enables the order taker to have a visual display of the customers buying patterns at their fingertips.


    This product is designed for rapid order fulfillment. The GUI front-end is simplified and functionality enriched to better streamline the order fulfillment cycle. Features include: Pick confirm by pick number, Undo pick release, Reprint pick slip, Pro-active picking and automatic fair share of stock. The whole order processing cycle can function independently of the i-series, therefor significantly reducing the load on the i-series and providing speedy responses.


    This option enhances order to invoice by providing call list and scheduling functionality promoting the tele-seller to contact customers. Customer contact and personal details are directly available to the tele-seller, while access to the customer’s buying patterns can assist in up and cross-selling.


    This option fulfills the need for quick and flexible load building and re-building. This supports business environments where load needs to be optimised in a rapidly changing delivery situation. Load build is an enhanced version of HiVolume OLM.


    The external order interface can interface orders from any order entry system into HiVolume. By using the replication engines fast and accurate validator, accurate updates of the order files in HiVolume are ensured.


    This offers full van (out of truck) selling capabilities with route reconciliation functionality. Van/Route Reconciliation provides inventory sales off the vehicle with either manual or automated (via PDA systems) reconciliations.

Technical Information.

HiVolume uses established PC server and i-series technologies to provide the responsiveness and robustness that clients require. HiVolume significantly reduces the processing load from the i-series, as it replaces the order processing workload. HiVolume supports the use of: Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, Sybase SQL Anywhere database technologies. Offline capability enables order processing to continue even when the i-series is unavailable. Synchronization engines automatically resume posting once communications are re-established, ensuring data integrity between the HiVolume PC server and the database on the i-series.

Uses LANSA technologies for rapid product development and product enhancements.

Technical and ongoing support.

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